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          ALICE'S ARCHIVES is a blog dedicated to the memory of ALICE MULLEN (1918-2006).
          She was Principal Keyboard with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra for nearly forty years.

          When she died in 2006, Alice left behind 50 years of KALAMAZOO SYMPHONY
          MEMORABILIA, dating from the 1950s to the year 2000.

          The ALICE'S ARCHIVES BLOG is organized by DECADES/CONDUCTORS.  Click on
          the decade you want, and find PHOTOS, REVIEWS, ARTICLES, PROGRAMS AND ADS.
          Check back often for new postings and updates.

          All KALAMAZOO GAZETTE reviews, articles and photos are used with their permission.
          Thank you.  Thanks also to the KALAMAZOO SYMPHONY for their interest in this project,
          and to author Zaide Pixley for permitting me to quote from her 1997 book, GREAT ENSEMBLE,
          The Story of the Kalamazoo Symphony.

           Alice believed in the power of great symphonic music to uplift the human condition.
           She was a musician among musicians, and relished the camaraderie of her orchestra
           colleagues.  She encouraged the uninitiated to discover the masterpieces of orchestral
           literature.  She instilled in her children a love of all the arts.
                                                                                                              -Alice's Archivist

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